Recycle bag printing Malaysia

Non-woven fabrics are all those textiles that are not made from the thread of different strands in a specific weft, but instead form a whole structure, such as the dishcloth we use in the kitchen or felt. These textiles are widely used for all kinds of advertising products and for this, different special techniques are applied.We are the recycle bag printing Malaysia who want to offer the best quality non-woven material printing for the local businesses.

We are recycle bag & non woven bag supplier in KL Malaysia

In JT Supply marketing, we offer the best quality service and latest technology for your printing with a great variety in shapes colors and design; you can personalize every aspect of your product to match your brand’s needs.

Make a great souvenir pack for your conference or design beautiful ecology bags for your convenience store, even if you want a personalized bag, we’ve got it!

Types of printing available : 

  • Heat-press printing: Basic printing, this technique consists in sublimating an image directly from a template to the non-woven material with heat. This technique, of course, requires a heat-resistant fabric in order to be applied. The heat is applied to a machine that presses the material under two hot plates.
  • Lamination printing: This technique is a little bit more luxurious as the results are not just plain color but also a very glamorous metallic shine in the non-woven material. This can be made by extrusion or spray and offers a very elegant result. The advantage is that it can be total or partial and doesn’t need heat resistant material you can print any non-woven product with it.

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Why Non Woven?

A non-woven bag, envelope, backpack, etc is a very much more resistant and representative souvenir for your conference or project in Malaysia, than any plastic bag and can be personalized in a way that the marketing for the brand is profitable even over time. Contact us and make your consultation and budget with our experts and they will give you all the information you need to make the right choice for non-woven printing.